At Kennel Cilia’s we attach great importance to breed dogs that are physically and mentally healthy and stable.
We do this by, among other things, health test and exhibit our dogs before they enter the breeding.

We make few puppies and when we have puppies they are an extremely joy and important job for the whole family.
Our puppies are among us and are not locked in cages or pens.

We breed through the FCI standart and here is no inbreeding!
Our puppies are sold only when they are vaccinated (8 weeks), chipped, complete dewormed (ifølge. DKK) can eat dry food (without having to soften it) and is mentally ready for new homes.

We run a real socialization program where we must have puppy good / positive through a variety of everyday experiences.
It gives the new family a puppy who is happy, curious and ready for new challenges.

I hope that you find my website informative, otherwise you are always welcome to contact me.


Nina W. Axelsen